apologies and gratitude due


I was so excited to send a copy of my book to Kathy Steligo.  Her book, The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook, was like a bible to me on my breast reconstruction path.  I didn’t have many people to talk to back then, so Kathy’s words, resources and support were what got me through some very challenging choices to make.  So, it was a sad to learn that Kathy had gotten the book, and looked at the page I had earmarked for her that thanked her for her amazing book (page 112), and it turns out I spelled her name wrong (it’s Steligo, not Stilego) AND also had the wrong book title (I called it the handbook).  The truth is, the reason I probably didn’t fact check that against my own copy of the book, is because it is never on my shelf, since I am constantly lending it out to someone who needs it.  SO helpful.  Kathy – please except my sincere apologies and deep appreciation going out to you!  And if you know of anyone who is dealing with decisions around breast reconstruction, make sure you get them a copy of this book!

There were numerous challenges like this that were part of the experience of self-publishing.  I didn’t have any fact checkers or editors grooming my pages.  And there were things that were missed or incorrect I am sure.  I remember the day that I got 500 books delivered to my doorstep, and as I was cutting into the very first box a terror ran through me thinking that I had forgotten to thank my brother Joel for all he has done for me over the years.  Luckily it wasn’t true.  But if it had been, there would literally be nothing I could do about it at that point.  But he would have gotten one hell of a thank you in the next book for sure!!!

I did recently realize someone crucial to my book that I didn’t give credit to.  Rik Keller was the photographer that took my headshot, the fabulous Rik Keller, did not get properly acknowledged in print in my book.  So Rik, here is your thanks instead.  I love the photo and I also like to remember the time when we took it– a fun day around your house when we’d recently met through our kids being together in elementary school at CCE.  You made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and it shows in the photo.  Thank you.

And to anyone else out there, who read my book, and remembered things differently, wanted to add a story, or have things that you wish I did or didn’t say feel free to comment below.  I love the interaction and keeping all the stories alive.  I thank you for your part in my story, and hope you find the love and heart and hope that it is sending out your way.







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