Happy HBOC Week


This week is National Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Week – and Wednesday is National Previvor Day….so reach out to anyone you know who is dealing with this challenging disease and let them know you are so happy they are previving!

This blog post is about giving thanks.  So many of you out there, both folks that I know dearly, and others who I have never met, have offered up amazing support and love for my book.  It is so exciting to get emails from readers wanting to let me know what is happening in the story at that moment, that they didn’t know about x, or responding to my new favorite game called, “What do you call yours?”  Additionally, an unforseen but lovely aspect about putting my story out in the universe is that it allows me the opportunity to relive so many of the stories when you share them with me.

Just today, a sweet freind (who just calls hers “breasts”), texted that she had just read the chapter when my sister Lisa had died, and wanted to see the ring that I took from Lisa and vowed to wear in her memory.  Others have told me that reading the book is helping them be less fearful of the pending deaths of loved ones or feel less alone when waiting for dreaded test results.  Hearing all of this gives me great purpose for writing – so thank you for letting me know.

I also greatly appreciate the touching reviews on Amazon and others on Facebook and Instagram. Keep them coming!  You are a wonderful audience and you are making this part of the process feel much more comfortable than I imagined – thank you!

As wonderful as it is to have the positive feedback, I realize that some people may not find humor where I do, they might not appreciate my lack of knowledge about the nuances of commas, or, as one reader told me, they might find my storytelling to be sickly sweet.  I welcome these comments along with the others, and realize this book is NOT For everyone.   At the end of the day, I know that my story is in the universe, and that was my ultimate goal.  Everyday I hold hope that there is someone out there feeling alone with their experince–whether it be about genetic cancer or any challenge they face, and that they can find comfort in the words between the pages.  And more than anything else, I pray that the more of us who share our stories, the more opportunity there is to affect change so that our children don’t have to face the same challenges we have had to sustain.

With all of my heart, I give great thanks.  As my light shines onto you – so does yours onto me.

Be well,


Life in Asymmetry is available at www.raychelkubbyadler.com

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