I’m a Bay Area People


When my friend Elle Wang pitched my story to her colleague at Bay Area People (FOX2 – KTVUSF) she had to add the caveat that I now lived in Davis.  But it seemed my 18 years living in Los Altos Hills qualified me for the show.  They asked if I had somewhere special/meaningful in the Bay Area to meet them – and the only thing I could think of was at Alta Mesa Cemetery in Palo Alto, where my mother, father and sister are buried.  Instead they offered to come to Davis, where I have made my home for 15 years and interviewed me around my house.  It was a fun day with them following me around and asking questions at my table – and somehow, in that short time, they were able to capture an incredible 4 minute segment that really says it all.  Thank you to Lisa Yokota, Claudine Wang, and the staff and crew of Bay Area People for this great overview of my book, Life in Asymmetry.

Watch it Here:   BayArea People: Raychel Kubby Adler shares her life in asymmetry

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