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A huge thank you for all the reviews, feedback, photos and stories you have shared with me as you have read my book.  It is an honor to be taken in by each of you.  I was nervous about sharing my story, but hearing from readers about how they have been moved, changed, encouraged and comforted has really changed all that.

If you feel so moved I could really use your reviews to be public as a way to support me as I move forward with getting my book into more people’s hands.Today’s world is dominated by peer review, so what you have to say about my book might help someone else decide to give it a read.  Once you write your review please put it:

  1. Amazon: Life in Asymmetry on Amazon
  2. Facebook:  Life in Asymmetry on Facebook
  3. Instagram: tag @choicepointwellness
  4. twitter: tag @tweet4wellness

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