I never thought I would be in sales


When I first started writing, it was becuase the story I had been living the previous 10 years needed an escape.  Writing gave me a place to grieve, and begin to understand and make meaning from what had happened to me.  Writing also allowed me to live in the memories of different times, when my mother, father and sister were still alive – and when I did not live with the daily concern for when I might get cancer.  When I first started writing it didn’t matter to me what would happen to the pages that poured out of my printer.  They were mostly for me – and each piece of paper seemed to lift a bit of heaviness from my heart.

It took over three years before I finally stated admitted that I was writing a book – that the stories were meant to be weaved into one, and that there would be a finished product when I decided to set down my pen (or stopped typing).  And it wasn’t until sometime later that I stood up to introduce myself at a meeting, and when prompted to share what it is I “do” with my life, quietly let the words “I am a writer” slip from my lips.

And now, today, I have a new title.  As of today, I am the President and CEO of Sales for “Life in Asymmetry.”  While this is not an avenue I ever thought I would stroll, I now find that I am like the man in one of my favorite childhood books, “Caps for Sale,” walking through town chanting, “Books! Books for sale! Sixteen dollars a book!”  Maybe soon I will grow a moustache, carry my books upon my head, make friends with monkeys and sleep in trees too…

So today, in a moment(s) of ultimate vulnerability I say…the shopping basket is now open and “Life in Asymmetry” is available right here at www.raychelkubbyadler.com.  Hope you enjoy the story.

And if you would like to be a part of my celebrations and book events, and would enjoy having the book pass between our hands, please come to one of my upcoming book events listed under the tab “Events” on the left sidebar of my website or by following this link http://www.raychelkubbyadler.com/upcoming-book-events/.

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